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Chicago Bone Graft

Reconstruction Bone Grafts in Chicago

Chicago bone graft

Chicago bone graft

Missing teeth can cause more than just aesthetic problems in the mouth. Over time, the gaps that result from missing teeth cause the jawbone to begin to atrophy or become reabsorbed. If this is the case, patients may not be a suitable candidate for dental implants. That’s where a Chicago bone graft can come in and be helpful to this process. We now have the ability to grow bone where needed thanks to bone graft procedures. This allows us to restore functionality to your tooth and fix problems with deteriorating bone.

Major bone grafting usually takes a piece of bone from either the patient or a bone tissue bank. If taken from the patient, the bone comes from the jaw, hip or tibia usually. A major Chicago bone graft is usually done to repair jaw defects that have occurred due to injury, tumors or congenital defects. Different types of bone grafts are used for different procedures. For instance, an autogenous bone graft uses bone from the patient, requiring live bone so that the living cellular elements inside can enhance and promote bone growth. This type of bone graft requires two procedures, however. Conversely, an allogenic bone graft uses bone harvested from a cadaver and is used as a framework so that surrounding bone can grow in order to fill a void or defect.

Xenogenic bone grafts use bone that is non-living from another species such as a cow. It too serves as a framework for bone to grow and fill areas, and like an allogenic Chicago bone graft, do not require a second procedure to harvest bone. Regeneration takes longer sometimes though than with autograft procedures. For more information on bone grafting and to find out which type of bone graft is right for you, call Northwestern oral and maxillofacial surgeons, PC today.

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