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Chicago dental implants

Dental Implants in Chicago

Chicago dental implants

Chicago dental implants

Implants are not only the most advanced and beneficial way to replace lost teeth, but with continued advancements in technology, they are even more effective and in some cases can even be done completely in one day. When done by our specialists here at Northwestern Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, PC, there is every reason to feel 100% confident about the outcome.

If you were considering a traditional bridge or dentures as your method of choice for restoring the tooth or teeth you lost, there are some excellent reasons to recommend our Chicago dental implants instead. The replace not just the tooth on the surface, but the root beneath it as well. Why is that so important? First, it means that you have a dependable new tooth that you can use when you speak, laugh or chew. Even the toughest foods are not a problem. Second, your normal facial contours remain unchanged. And third, your vital gum and bone tissue will not atrophy. Bridges and dentures only sit atop your gums. They make fill the empty space where you used to have teeth, but they don’t look, feel, and perform like real teeth  do. For that, you need our Chicago dental implants. There are three components to them. The titanium post, or replacement root is surgically placed in your jaw, where your bone tissue grows around and fuses with it. Our oral surgeon will then place a small anchor that is designed to provide additional stability to the new tooth. And the final step in the process is to take impressions for the creation of your crown. It’s tooth-colored and will be cemented to the post and supported by the anchor.

With proper care, there is no reason that you can’t expect to get a lifetime of use out of our Chicago dental implants. Call us today to arrange an appointment.

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