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Orthognathic surgery in Chicago IL

Chicago IL dental care

Chicago IL dental care

Orthognathic surgery is another name for jaw surgery. If you or a family member needs this type of surgery performed, you can do no better than to come in and be seen at Northwestern Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, PC. At our office, patients are able to receive expert orthognathic surgery and Chicago IL dental care from our expert dental surgeons, just one of whom is Dr. Alexis B. Olsson.

Orthognathic surgery is performed when the jaws do not meet correctly. This can cause teeth to be unable to fit properly within the jaws. In these cases, teeth are straightened with orthodontic care, and jaw surgery is performed at our practice to reposition the jaw. Orthognathic surgery will also improve a patient’s facial appearance. It also allows the teeth to meet correctly so that they can function properly in your mouth. Sometimes orthognathic surgery is needed on an emergency basis when an accident has occurred. In some patients, jaw growth can occur at different rates for the upper and lower jaws. This can cause many different types of problems to develop which can affect the way a person chews or speaks; it may even cause long-term problems related to health and appearance. Birth defects can also affect the way jaws align. When the problem only is related to the teeth, the problem can be completely corrected with orthodontic care. However, when the jaws need to be repositioned, our orthographic surgeon will meet with your orthodontist to develop a full and complete treatment plan. Misaligned jaw problems can cause problems with: swallowing; chewing; speech; TMJ pain; or breathing problems. It can also cause problems in a patient’s bite such as an open bite or a protruding jaw. Patients can come to our Chicago IL dental care office where they can have a complete examination with x-rays performed. This pretreatment consultation will also be a good time for you to ask any questions you may have regarding treatment.

For an appointment to be seen at our oral surgery practice for Chicago IL dental care, simply contact us today.

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