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Lincoln Park Oral Surgeon

Bone Grafting in Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park Oral Surgeon

Lincoln Park Oral Surgeon

Bone grafting is a procedure with a variety of applications, including in dealing with the effects of oral cancer and cysts, but it most commonly employed as an effective way of allowing you to get dental implants despite having a jaw bone that is too thin or not strong enough to hold one properly. Here at Northwestern Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, PC, our Lincoln Park oral surgeon conducts bone grafting procedures, and you can be confident because you’re in the care of an experienced specialist.

Why is bone grafting necessary for dental implants? Unlike the old-fashioned fixed bridges and removable dentures, which sit atop your gums, dental implants are anchored into your jaw bone just like natural teeth are. The process starts when a titanium post, acting as an artificial root, is surgically placed in your jaw, whose tissue grows around and fuses with it over the course of several months. The result is a durable and reliable new root. When your jaw bone does not test as sufficient to accept the post, you are not out of luck. Bone grafting is when our Lincoln Park oral surgeon harvests bone tissue from another part of your body (or alternatively, gets bone from a tissue bank) and transplants it to your jaw. New and stronger bone tissue grows around it and you end up with a jaw bone that meets or exceeds the standards for dental implants. If you’re wondering why your jaw would be unsuitable in the first place, it could be a congenital defect, or due to a jaw defect, traumatic injury, or tumor surgery.

Contact our office and let us schedule a convenient time for you to come in for a consultation to determine if bone grafting by our Lincoln Park oral surgeon is a good idea for you.

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